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Junglinster : A blooming city in which to build one's future.
With more than 7650 inhabitants including half in the town’s centre of the same name, Junglinster is a locality that conjugates service and quality of life in well-preserved setting less than twenty kilometres from the capital of the Grand-Duchy; Attractive assets that explain its dynamism. Composed of a dozen villages, (Altlinster, Blumenthal, Beidweiler, Bourglinster, Eisenborn, Eschweiler, Godbrange, Gonderange, Graulinster, Imbringen, Junglinster, Rodenbourg), Junglinster has undergone remarkable demographic growth. The commune had less than one thousand inhabitants in 1950! But in the last decades, their number has soared.  In 1980, the population exceeds 2500, at the turn of the century in 2000 there were more than 5000 inhabitants, and for 2017 the census count is 7650. “That represents 150 to 200 newcomers per year” explains Romain Retz, the mayor of Junglinster. 83 nationalities are represented ...
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Petange : In the 5th position of the country
The town is leaving behind its industrial past. Situated in the country of three borders, Petange benefits of a comfortable situation on the frontier of Belgium and France. Since 2000, the town has not ceased to expand, actually counting 18,500 inhabitants and is endowed with extensive development projects. The installation of the train station on the Esch-on- Alzette-Petange line, followed by the Petange-Ettelbruck line (the Attert line) and the Petange-Luxembourg line at the beginning of the 20 th century contributed considerably to the town’s growth, especially in the steel industry and in mining. Residents worked in the factories and mines, and these economic poles generated increasing activity. Today, Arcelor-Mittal has more than 300 employees, and railroad activity remains prominent in the municipality. Several persuasive elements encourage people to move here: Petange, Rodange, and Lamadelain ...
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Kirchberg, a dynamic plateau
2300 new residences on the way Kirchberg is one of the twenty-four ‘quartiers’ or districts of Luxembourg-Ville, and has a reputation as the heart of the country’s banking and international finance marketplace. Kirchberg is currently experiencing a new momentum, and the district is opening up to new activities, and becoming a sought-after residential and cultural district. In Luxembourg-Ville, Kirchberg is a district that stands out clearly from the urban fabric due to its dynamic development. It is the gateway to the Ville de Luxembourg, and from the 60s, it has become the centre of banking activity and international finance, and accommodates the buildings of the “European Institutions” that are located in Luxembourg: the European Union Court of Justice, the European Court of Auditors, the Secretariat of the European Parliament, the Banque européenne d’investi ...
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Ettelbruck : A town on a human scale, which has all the advantages of a city
With 8850 inhabitants, Ettelbruck is a town where life is good, at the heart of the Grand Duchy, on the edge of the verdant Ardenne. But this tranquil city is not sitting on its laurels. It has all the advantages of a small capital city in terms of amenities and services, and its commercial, community and cultural vitality seduces all generations. The gateway town to the Luxembourg Ardenne, Ettelbruck has the benefit of a privileged geographical location and an unspoilt environment. At the heart of the country, it is located 5 km from Diekirch, under 50 km from Bitburg (Germany), 40 km from Bastogne (Belgium) and only 36 km from the capital, Luxembourg-Ville. The advantage of proximity There is no question of being isolated in the shade of the massif and of the forest: while the region is clearly well-placed for a w ...
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LEASE CONTRACT : The obligations of the tenant and the owner
Not only does the signature of a lease contract create rights for both lessor and tenant, it also imposes on these parties certain reciprocal obligations specified by law, which the parties can however agree to cancel, mitigate, or increase in the lease contract. The legal details with Elisabeth MACHADO, avocate à la cour [court lawyer]. Obligations of the tenant The main obligation that is incumbent upon the tenant is naturally that of providing the deposit and paying the rent and advances on charges arising from the lease contract, on the due dates specified by the contract. It should be noted that, in principle, the lease contract provides for the supply of the deposit at the latest by the time of the signature of the lease contract, and payment of the rental and charges in ...
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