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Petange : In the 5th position of the country
The town is leaving behind its industrial past. Situated in the country of three borders, Petange benefits of a comfortable situation on the frontier of Belgium and France. Since 2000, the town has not ceased to expand, actually counting 18,500 inhabitants and is endowed with extensive development projects. The installation of the train station on the Esch-on- Alzette-Petange line, followed by the Petange-Ettelbruck line (the Attert line) and the Petange-Luxembourg line at the beginning of the 20 th century contributed considerably to the town’s growth, especially in the steel industry and in mining. Residents worked in the factories and mines, and these economic poles generated increasing activity. Today, Arcelor-Mittal has more than 300 employees, and railroad activity remains prominent in the municipality. Several persuasive elements encourage people to move here: Petange, Rodange, and Lamadelain ...
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Kirchberg, a dynamic plateau
2300 new residences on the way Kirchberg is one of the twenty-four ‘quartiers’ or districts of Luxembourg-Ville, and has a reputation as the heart of the country’s banking and international finance marketplace. Kirchberg is currently experiencing a new momentum, and the district is opening up to new activities, and becoming a sought-after residential and cultural district. In Luxembourg-Ville, Kirchberg is a district that stands out clearly from the urban fabric due to its dynamic development. It is the gateway to the Ville de Luxembourg, and from the 60s, it has become the centre of banking activity and international finance, and accommodates the buildings of the “European Institutions” that are located in Luxembourg: the European Union Court of Justice, the European Court of Auditors, the Secretariat of the European Parliament, the Banque européenne d’investi ...
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LEASE CONTRACT : The obligations of the tenant and the owner
Not only does the signature of a lease contract create rights for both lessor and tenant, it also imposes on these parties certain reciprocal obligations specified by law, which the parties can however agree to cancel, mitigate, or increase in the lease contract. The legal details with Elisabeth MACHADO, avocate à la cour [court lawyer]. Obligations of the tenant The main obligation that is incumbent upon the tenant is naturally that of providing the deposit and paying the rent and advances on charges arising from the lease contract, on the due dates specified by the contract. It should be noted that, in principle, the lease contract provides for the supply of the deposit at the latest by the time of the signature of the lease contract, and payment of the rental and charges in advance for the month in question. Similarly, the tenant mus ...
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CIGDL : Training, informing, and regulating the property professions
Members subject to the same code of ethics Since 1971, the Chambre immobilière du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg (CIGDL) [Property Chamber of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg] has been active in supporting and championing the property sector professions: estate agent, co-owners’ syndic agent, and developer. Its missions are diverse but the main objective of them all is the training, information, and regulation of the professions that it represents. An aspiring member must demonstrate a clean bill of health In order to become a member of CIGDL, one must first of all follow the proper procedure, starting with 5 months of training with the Chamber of commerce. “Training in business management for the property professions is the basis”, explains Isabelle Phalippou, CLC manager for the property professions. Only memb ...
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Hesperange : Nearly 700 accommodation units planned over the next 5 years
5 sought-after locations Formerly either rural or industrial, the districts of the commune of Hesperange have seen the number residents triple, or even quadruple in under fifty years. Located a few kilometres from the capital, its residential districts have shown strong expansion, combined with business zones. The commune of Hesperange is very popular. And for good reason.  Hesperange consists of the villages of Hesperange, Alzingen, Itzig, Fentange and Howald, amounting to a total of 14,949 inhabitants in a surface area of 27.2 km 2. In general terms, Hesperange has grown continually due to its proximity with the capital: “We are a neighbouring commune to the ville de Luxembourg and, by definition, close to the workplace of a large number of inhabitants. Between 1961 and 2011, ...
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