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ANMIETUNG PRIVATER WOHNRÄUME  Der Mietvertrag für Wohnräume
RENTING PRIVATE ACCOMMODATION The birth of the residential tenancy contract Legislation, and the definition of the du Bail à lover ...
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New build accommodation : Advantages that justify the price
New build accommodationAdvantages that justify the price New is a little more expensive than old, of course. But can be desirable, with the big added advantage of assistance and guaranties. Clearly the old sometimes has a little more of a cachet. But new is …new. ...
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Strassen : The quality of living of an extra-urban town
StrassenThe quality of living of an extra-urban townAn enhanced quality of life, just a few kilometres from the Capital  ...
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Dudelange, the southern town : More than a thousand dwellings to come
Dudelange, the southern town Ee mol, Ëmmer Diddeleng[1] More than a thousand dwellings to come   Dudelange, once called the “ Forge du sud” [Forge of the south], has experienced the eventful history of an industrial city, as was the case for Esch-sur-Alzette. Even so, the commune has managed to develop at the right time by creating major regional and national industrial zones. Through its housing plans and the revitalisation of its industrial wasteland, Dudelange intends to retain its historical place in the national landscape. The details with Dan Biancalana, burgomaster since 2014.   Dudelange was established through the iron and steel industry, before it began to diversify. Mr Biancalana, please explain th ...
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How to become a tenant in Luxembourg
How to become a tenant in Luxembourg ? The legal and practical steps   In order to become a tenant in Luxembourg, and in order to be successful in so doing, it is first of all necessary to fulfil a number of conditions before embarking on any administrative procedure.   As a prospective tenant, your first task is to visit the premises in order to find a district, and accommodation – whether an apartment or a house, that suits you. Having finally found your ideal home, you need to gather together the essential elements required in order to substantiate your plans. The essential items in your file in order to complete a tenancy contract in due form, are the following:   & ...
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