Coliving in Luxembourg: a new way of life


After coworking, a new offer is gradually taking hold on the real estate market: coliving. How does this new trend differ from the flat sharing favoured by students and young working people with little money? Is it an economic compromise or a change in mentality? We take stock of the situation to shed some light on the subject.


Is coliving a rebranded flat sharing?

Flat sharing, carpooling, coworking, and now coliving... The least we can say is that millennials have a sense of community. And even if the “boomers” sometimes share their minivans, we must give the younger generations credit for shaking up decades of turning in upon ourselves and centuries of sedentary living. But what exactly is coliving?


Community, privacy and mobility

If sharing a flat is about distributing rooms and sharing the other spaces, coliving is about rethinking the structure and nature of communal living. Starting with a more flexible lease, with a length of stay that generally varies from one month to one year.

Another novelty: more private spaces. In addition to their own room, occupants can enjoy their own bathroom and even a private kitchenette.

The shared areas are equipped to meet the needs of a more nomadic lifestyle: no crockery or household appliances to bring along, the newcomer only needs to put his or her suitcases down, so to speak.


Top-of-the-range services for small budgets

If we are to rethink shared accommodation, why not adapt it to the real aspirations of the community? Thus, it is no longer the tenants who adapt to a more or less well-divided dwelling, but the dwelling itself which is designed to satisfy its occupants. Choosing coliving is not only a way to reduce your rent and your expenses. Depending on the offer, it also means having access to more efficient Wi-Fi, secured parking space, multiple subscriptions to streaming platforms, a gym, etc. at a lower cost.


Coliving: affordable rents and much more

However, this does not mean that coliving is designed to cater for luxury tastes, let alone to encourage unbridled consumption - quite the opposite. Most of the followers of this new trend are convinced environmentalists, motivated by energy savings and resource sharing.


Coliving: A perfect fit in Luxembourg City

Besides, can students, cross-border workers and other foreigners who are struggling to find a temporary dwelling in Luxembourg City afford to think about the superfluous? Faced with rising rents, one wonders if coliving is not a timely solution to the housing crisis in the Grand Duchy. In fact, especially if it is furnished, fully equipped and comes with attractive services, a shared flat is always financially more advantageous.

However, budget is not the only argument in favour of coliving. Temporary work, internships and a greater openness to the world favour short-term rentals.


Fixed-term contracts for unlimited experiences

A flexible lease, a quick move-in and immediate immersion in a community with shared interests and values is a summary of this new way of life that could well develop. Because choosing coliving means moving towards more solidarity and creating ecosystems conducive to meeting people, enjoying betterworking conditions, being more creative and open to change.