Drop now available in Luxembourg!

The minimalist and elegant Finnish award-winning DROP DESIGN SPA Jacuzzis are now available in Luxembourg with a limited number of 50 pieces for the year 2021.


The outdoor Jacuzzis of the Finnish brand “Drop Design Pool” have been a real success in Finland. Known for their sleek and sophisticated design, these Jacuzzis have also arrived on the Luxembourgish market in very limited numbers.


Outdoor spas have become increasingly popular over the years, and these unprecedented circumstances have further increased the interest in achieving an at-home holiday feel. We are investing in the comfort of our own home and vacation homes, especially now that foreign tourism has become constrained due to COVID-19 restrictions.


The DROP spa pool was launched in 2015 and its sales have remained strong ever since.

In Luxembourg, the Co-Owner of DROP, Matias Mäenpää, who emigrated to Luxembourg in 2019, and the entrepreneur Lucien Douwes, active in the real estate sector since 2008, are embarking on distribution in the BENELUX region.


A unique model


Finland is known for its uniquely beautiful nature, which inspired the droplet shape of the Drop spas. The stunning design of Drop is the work of designer Nikolai Ruola and it received the « Design Work of the Year award ». The design of the Jacuzzis represents a minimalist and modern Scandinavian style which appeals to consumers in the Nordic countries and around the world.


  • « Drop pool is a quality product designed and manufactured in Finland, which has the same technical characteristics as other high quality outdoor spas, but which stands out for its design », describes Lucien Douwes, Co-founder of Nordic Design Shop in Luxembourg.


The design of the Jacuzzis is in itself memorable, but it is also possible to integrate them into the environment to obtain an even more sober whole.

The jacuzzi can be installed in the terrace or in the ground of your garden, allowing you to design your perfect backyard according to your wishes.


Drop's simplistic yet impressive design has also caught the attention of influencers around the world, and the teardrop-shaped spa now adorns the patios of several celebrities and popular influencers.

Easy to use

The beneficial effects of water on our well-being are no secret, as hot water has been shown to heal the mind, the circulatory system, muscles, and joints. Take a relaxing dip in the hot outdoor spa after a busy day, even during the freezing winter months.

  • The electrically heated spa is always ready to use and its maintenance heater costs around € 1 per day.


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