Hesperange : Nearly 700 accommodation units planned over the next 5 years

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Formerly either rural or industrial, the districts of the commune of Hesperange have seen the number residents triple, or even quadruple in under fifty years. Located a few kilometres from the capital, its residential districts have shown strong expansion, combined with business zones. The commune of Hesperange is very popular. And for good reason. 
Hesperange consists of the villages of Hesperange, Alzingen, Itzig, Fentange and Howald, amounting to a total of 14,949 inhabitants in a surface area of 27.2 km 2. In general terms, Hesperange has grown continually due to its proximity with the capital: “We are a neighbouring commune to the ville de Luxembourg and, by definition, close to the workplace of a large number of inhabitants. Between 1961 and 2011, the population of the capital increased by 11.9% while in the communes around the ville de Luxembourg, this increase was 19.6%”, explains the burgomaster Marc Lies.

This major increase is also explained by the development of its residential districts, and with a school, a child-minding establishment [‘maison-relais’], crèches and other leisure infrastructures in each district, for the most of them surrounded by green spaces, making the every day lives of families more agreeable and easier.


The population of the formerly rural Alzingen district has tripled over the last fifty years, following the creation of new residential areas. Alzingen currently has 2050 inhabitants. At the centre of the district and in the business zone along the route de Thionville, there are many shops and business offering a vast choice of goods and services. A highly topical issue at the moment is the ROTHWEIT II PAP project.
This project involves the development of 102 land plots intended the construction of 415 residential units on a surface area of 1092.33 ares. The variety of the housing is distributed through 17 detached single family dwellings, 22 semi-detached houses, 32 terraced houses and 345 multiple dwellings divided over 24 buildings. The Rothweit II PAP project provides for the creation of 56 subsidised housing units intended for sale (99-year emphyteutic leases) by the Société nationale d’habitation à bon marché [National society for affordable housing]. The commune will also be building 25 social housing units for rental. This pilot project is unique in Luxembourg in the domain of urban reparcelling. It provides for each owner to have access to 10% of the overall land area of the PAP [special development plan] in order create subsidised housing intended for sale, and the construction of social housing for rental.


Following a period of industrialisation, Fentange is evolving: the extension of the construction zones and communication routes have had the effect of creating rapid population growth. The number of inhabitants is now 2563. Fentange has approximately six hundred residential properties. “The village has lost its rural appearance but the recent development projects such as the large “Sterz” site, demonstrate the dynamism of a district that is in the process of expansion”. In the coming years 10 new residential projects will be created by the Fonds du Logement [Housing Fund]. During this transformation, the “Dennemeyer” farm, located at the heart of the village will accommodate the School of Music for the commune of Hesperange as well as the “Cantabile” choir and the children’s choir “Les Alouettes”. The building will also provide 11 teaching rooms.


The commune of Hesperange has experienced significant growth following the Second World War (the population has grown from 3500 inhabitants to 14,949). The establishment of industrial and commercial zones as well as the development of the motorway network around the capital, particularly the west motorway access road (1976), the motorway to Thionville (after 1981) and finally the Eastern By-pass motorway with the Victor Bodson cable-stayed bridge (1994) have enabled the district of Hesperange to develop rapidly. Recently, new discussions have been focused on the future by-passing of Alzingen with the new N3 road. The suburban station in Howald will be operational as from 10 December 2017. Site work is underway on the new CELO multi-purpose building over the Urbengsschlass car park on the mairie/town hall side, which includes a concert hall seating 350 people, a 360 m² foyer, a restaurant, administrative offices and a medical practice. In the years to come, the Paul Jomé central square will be re-developed to make way for new businesses, and double the current number of parking spaces. The Hesperange district currently has 2644 inhabitants.

During the past five years, the commune has built 23 social residential properties for rental in its territory. Approximately 150 people have been rehoused during this period. In the years to come, this number will increase further. The commune of Hesperange notes that the number of housing units available for families in need is insufficient. With the maison “Betreit Wunnen 1” managed by Jugendtreff Hesper, the commune offers a new home for people experiencing a difficult phase in their lives. Since the opening in 2012 some 25 people have been rehoused. From the second quarter of 2018 the maison “Betreit Wunnen 2” will be able to accommodate 8 more young people in its new premises. In general terms 700 new housing units will be built in the territory of the commune over the next 5 years: densification through the urbanisation of the “Baulücken” in the residential areas and the establishment of new residential areas, for example the Rothweit II PAP, route de Thionville PAP, etc


Traditionally a peasant community, the village of Itzig is undergoing a process of revitalisation with the reconstruction of former farms as housing accommodation. However, the characteristic architecture will be maintained so that the planning style and aesthetic of the rural types of housing remains predominant. The development of the St. Hubert plateau after 1969 led to an explosion of the population, which has now reached 2275 people. A major project is the renovation and enlargement of the school. This pilot project provides for the school and the maison-relais to operate in the same
building. The same applies in Hesperange.


While four parts of our commune - Alzingen, Fentange, Hesperange and Itzig – each have their own history, Howald is a new district. The Howald district, which is entirely urban in character, has developed considerably in just a few years. It is flanked by the boulevard that bypasses the ville de Luxembourg as well as the Pénétrante Sud (Southern arterial road) to which is connected a direct access road, at the Rond-point Gluck, running in both directions. Howald is characterised by its business zone and its shops. The creation of the ban de Gasperich means that rue des Scillas will be enlarged to accommodate the tram that goes to Gasperich and the Cloche d’Or. A gross construction surface area of approximately 200,000 m 2 (commercial, offices, and housing) will be implemented in the years to come. In early 2018, the Howald route de Thionville PAP plans the construction of 85 residential units. Currently 5417 people live in Howald.