Christmas decoration

How to Decorate your Home for Christmas

While there is no shortage of Christmas decorating ideas on the Internet, it is not always easy to find the perfect balance between fairy-tale Christmas decorations and aesthetic appeal.

To successfully decorate your home for December 25th, you need to coordinate lights, garlands and the tree to achieve a festive atmosphere without forgetting the little touch of style.

From homemade Christmas decorations to items you can find in decoration shops, we give you our advice on how to brighten up the interior of your home on this very special day in the hearts of adults and children alike.

A successful Christmas decoration

Christmas is one of the most eagerly awaited end-of-year events. It is an opportunity for families to get together and share a good meal to celebrate a thousand-year-old religious event. A piece of history and tradition where the distribution of gifts, recalling the birth of Jesus, very often closes this magical moment.

Between classic and modern decoration, choosing the right elements is essential to immerse yourself in the world of the Nativity and guarantee the success of your home's Christmas decoration.

  1. An original Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is a must for the 25th of December. Some of us prefer an artificial illuminated tree, while others want it to be 100% natural. But what will make all the difference is the way it is covered with its dress of baubles and LED garlands.

The important thing is to choose an original tree with high quality. This will allow you to keep it longer, but also and above all, to attach your Christmas tree decorations more easily.

It is one of the favourites, its scent and its presence give your interior a festive and warm atmosphere that no other decorative element can claim to offer. It should therefore be the object of all your attention, both in its conservation and in the way you decorate it with Christmas colours.

A Christmas decoration idea that is sure to make an impact: the home-made tree. The principle is to arrange photos on a wall in the shape of a tree. You can also use greeting cards to obtain a more festive look!

  1. Preparing the Christmas table

Setting your table for Christmas is an art that you need to master. From the choice of cutlery and plates to the colour of the tablecloth, from the table runner to the way you fold napkins, everything needs to be thought through to enhance the interior of your home and match the rest of the Christmas decoration.

The three-colour rule can be applied perfectly when it comes to decorating ideas for your table. This year, for example, the trend is towards carmine red, accompanied by natural shades such as olive green or marron glacé. An eco-responsible inspiration in the air of time!

But you can also play the duet card with pink and gold, for a warm Christmas decoration. Indeed, gold will reveal the delicate shade of powder pink.

The visual effect will be more impressive if you find the right harmony between each of the colours that will illuminate your Christmas linen. So here again, treat yourself: bedsheets, plaids, table runners...

  1. A focus on Christmas lights

Winter, cold weather and of course logs crackling in the fireplace... that's a pretty picture of what the Christmas spirit means to many of us. However, if you are not lucky enough to have a fireplace, a real one, it is difficult to create this warm universe in your home. The solution? Use a digital tablet to broadcast a video of a fireplace.

Candles, garlands, the Christmas spirit is also found in the way you light your home. They give your home a warm and cosy atmosphere during the winter days. Illuminated elements take your Christmas decorations to a whole new level and add a little extra beauty at night.

These could be exterior decorations on the facade or roof, for example, but also Christmas lights in your living room or on the dining table.


The tree, the table decoration and the lights are the three essentials for a successful Christmas home decoration. Get inspired by what you can find here and there on the web and discover the latest trends in materials and colours to make this day an unforgettable moment for the whole family.