Improving the Light in Your Living Room

Lack of light is known to make you moody. This is understandable, as good light in a home is a source of good health, well-being, and comfort. Is your home a little dark and does this sometimes affect your mood? Well, it only takes a few well-thought-out changes to make your living space brighter!

Here are a few ideas that have proved their worth!

More brightness thanks to light colours

In a room that is a little dull, start by changing the colour of the walls. White is still the colour of choice. Dark or garish colours should be avoided if you want to brighten up your home. This is especially true if the room is small! Dark walls absorb light without reflecting it and can create a sensation of stuffiness.

The best compromise is ivory: it reflects the sunlight during the day, ant the lights you turn on at night. Yet, to keep up with current trends, a pretty spring green will bring a touch of cheerfulness to your interior. Pastel colours are timeless: they bring light but also softness and calm to your home. Combined with some plants and light wood or white furniture, they will definitely create a very refreshing atmosphere.

Let the light in

We love them because they dress up our windows, but they are not crucial! Double curtains don't necessarily have a place in our modern interiors. They are even useless if there is no opposite view.

However, if you are too keen to install this type of linen, simply opt for a light white curtain that will let the light in and give the room a bright touch.

Leave enough space around the windows

In a living room, it is also important to keep the space around the windows clear. Many people put furniture near the windows, without thinking that this will prevent the light from shining in. But it is a fact! Furniture, especially imposing furniture, obstructs the passage of light and reduces the amount of empty space needed.

To increase the light inside, remove furniture within a radius of about 40 cm from the windows. In front of or to the sides, it is sometimes necessary to create a bit of space.

Change or increase the number of windows

If your budget allows, some renovation work can solve your light issue. For example, by changing your windows and/or adding one, you may no longer recognize your living room! If you opt for sleek windows with a large glass surface, you will gain a few vital hidden centimetres that could well make a difference. For example, by choosing a window with a concealed sash, you will get maximum natural light, thanks to the slim contours of this model. Similarly, a flush window, made entirely of glass, will let in enough light.

However, it is not enough to install modern windows, you also need to decide on their location. It is recommended to install more windows on the south side than on the other sides of the house.

Increase the number of light sources

Natural light can be supplemented with artificial lighting by increasing the number of lamps. The lighting should be as diffuse as possible with light sources that cover the space well, not just a limited area. Of course, depending on the time of day, the room, and the amount of natural light that penetrates it, you can adapt the artificial lighting to your taste.

The choice of bulbs is also crucial for good lighting, as they offer different light temperature levels. The smaller the lamp, the warmer the light. For a pendant lamp, you can go for a cooler light, close to natural light.