Land Survey and Servicing

Land Survey and Servicing: Where to start?

Do you dream of building a house? To do so, you must first look for a viable building plot. However, this is not the only step before starting work. Theland survey and the connection to main services must first make the land you buy habitable. Connection to the gas, water or electricity networks, geotechnical study, etc. Where to start? We tell you everything.

What is the Role of a Soil Survey?

In order to build a solid home and prevent various types of natural risks, a soil survey is of great importance.

Indeed, the quality of the ground determines the feasibility of the construction.

In fact, it is systematically recommended that a geological study be carried out by an office specializing in geotechnics.

There are two reasons for this:

  • You can never be sure of what is in the ground;
  • Depending on its composition, you will know exactly what to do.

For example, if you are faced with a subsoil made up of rocks, it is advisable to plan an excavation without a basement.

On the other hand, if the rock is three metres below the ground, a basement can be built.

So, depending on what is found, this step allows the foundations to be correctly planned.

In addition, the study helps to highlight the risks that could lead to the deterioration of the construction (flooding, landslides, soil settling, rising water-table).

This study is therefore essential, even if the land is already serviced.


Who is Responsible for Servicing a Plot of Land?

Servicing includes the connection to water, electricity, gas and the sewage network.

It is possible to buy a serviced plot of land: this is generally what individuals prefer. Generally, in this case, the property developer or the municipality has carried out the servicing operations in advance, on behalf of the future owners.

But there are also situations where the land has not been connected to the various networks.

In housing estates, the plots are generally marked out. It may then still be necessary to proceed with the connections.

These will be carried out by the company in charge of the structural work, selected by the architect or the design office. This company will know how to respect the dimensions and recommendations laid down by the town planning department of the municipality.

The connection work itself takes about four days.


How Much Does It Cost to Survey a Plot of Land and Service It?

The cost varies according to the complexity of the work and the location of the land.

Different elements can increase or decrease the cost of connecting the area, such as the power of the electricity network or the possible need for digging.

Nevertheless, the cost of the operation of connection to the different networks can range from 5,000 to 15,000 €.

This is a significant price to take into account when defining your budget before building your property.

To determine the cost of servicing as accurately as possible, think about the different elements to take into account:

  • The distance between the house and the public networks;
  • The geological nature of the land, determined by the soil survey;
  • The connection fees;
  • The cost of the connection work itself.

In addition, when drawing up your budget, it is advisable to always keep a provision for potential unforeseen problems.

It should be noted, however, that it is not necessary to have the whole plot serviced.