Projecting yourself every day into a highly energy-efficient home


myAAA: an application for smartphones and tablets

Projecting yourself every day into a highly energy-efficient home (A-A rated residence)

myenergy, the national infrastructure for the promotion of the transition towards sustainable energy, has developed an application on the subject of day to day living in a highly energy-efficient home. In the form of an interactive educational game, this application provides all the information required in order to adopt the correct reflexes for living in an A-A rated residence.

myenergy has just launched a new mobile application which enables you to discover the world of highly energy-efficient homes. This involves solving conundrums in a 3D world, using an interactive game, and finding the answers to all the questions associated with low energy consumption houses. “The myAAA application will help you to optimise how you live in your house, to improve the level of comfort in your life, and to save a maximum amount of energy”, states Gilbert Théato, manager of myenergy.

What shape and what aspect should my residence have? What kind of heating does a A-A rated house need to have? What should one consider first when planning to install photovoltaic panels? And what role does mechanically controlled ventilation have, also referred to as comfort ventilation?

A 3D, interactive game on highly energy-efficient homes

myAAA provides all the information required in order to adopt the correct reflexes for living in an A-A rated residence.

This valuable digital tool will enable future builders and owners of renovated homes to familiarise themselves with the new energy performance standards and to adapt their approach and behaviours accordingly, in order to live better in their homes, to understand what the new installations are used for and how they work, and thus to contribute towards a day to day energy transition. “Our aim is to guide people so that they can learn to live in a highly energy-efficient home and to support them by providing solutions”, explains Gilbert Théato. With is new “made in Luxembourg” mobile application, myenergy seeks, though education, to raise the awareness of consumers, about the importance of good heat insulation, mechanically controlled ventilation and renewable energies.

Always improving the way we use energy

Myenergy’s activities target reduction in energy consumption, the promotion of renewable energies, and the promotion of sustainable construction and sustainable energy renovation, while contributing to national economic growth. myenergy intervenes as a partner for all consumers of energy to support them in their efforts to make rational an sustainable use of energy.” myenergy also acts as a facilitator for the sectors concerned with aspects of energy, in order to contribute appropriate solutions that are always linked to a more rational and more sustainable use of energy“.

Finally, with the analysis of the behaviours of different groups of consumers and players in the field of energy, myenergy seeks to make use the results thus obtained to support national policy-making in the sectors concerned.


Download the new myAAA application free of charge from the Google Play Store or App Store.


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