Remich, veritable Pearl of Moselle awaits you

A veritable gem of the Moselle Valley, renowned for its vineyards and its quality of life, Remich is one of the most popular places of Luxembourg tourism. It is also a welcoming and dynamic city for those who wish to live there…

A city of character about twenty kilometres south-east of the capital of the Grand Duchy, Remich has been occupying a strategic position for quite some time between Germany and France. Its nickname, Pearl of the Moselle is not only due to the exceptional quality of its wine. 
With 3500 inhabitants, the city built on the left bank offers a quality of life in which services, leisure and heritage form an exceptional environment.

When the practical…

Several schools for primary education (cycle 1 and cycles 2 to 4), a day-care centre for toddlers, relay houses (canteen, after-class assistance) but also a ‘parents’ school to provide support to families are thus implanted in the city.

As far as health goes, a day-care centre as well as various practitioners (general medicine, dentists) a nursing home and an institution for seniors guarantee a real tranquillity on a daily basis, the capital or even the units implanted in the nearby thermal centres (like Mondorf) taking rapidly into account patient costs for specialized treatments.

Post office, police, banks, are installed in Remich, well-served in terms of transport. Finally, still on a practical level, there are numerous village shops and supermarkets, as well as high-quality bars and restaurants…

…contribute to well-being

But living year-round at Remich is also taking advantage of the banks of the Moselle near the historical centre where cruise ships are legion in summer, as well as the finest leisure, sports, and cultural equipment.
Two multi-sport halls, an outdoor pool, football fields, tennis courts and even a mini-golf! Young people and adults have a wide choice, unless of course they prefer jogging or cycling through the numerous trails and  
pathways that mark the territory, vineyards, and forests, (where a fitness circuit has been traced out) forming an amphitheatre dominating the city where it is pleasant just to stroll under the lime trees.

The old fortified city of the Middle Ages with typical style housing proposes a library, a dance school, a youth and cultural centre where the whole family can find what they are looking for, practice an activity beneficent for the mind and relax after class or after a day’s work. 

What about future buyers?

Soon, a co-op will be created.  “The idea is to bring together a maximum of the 110 owners into this society”, explains the Mayor, Henri Kox. This inventive project, never seen before in Luxembourg, must endeavour to unite private land for a total of 22 hectares. Each proprietor will receive shares proportionately to the surface of land made available. This future society in the process of being created will enable the development of a substantial project allowing to invite 1500 new inhabitants, under the tutelage of the municipality that will assume the role of facilitator. This will also lead to the development of new infrastructures recognized as public utilities, for a minimum of ten years. A call for projects will be launched according to the criteria commonly defined by the proprietors. “For Remich, the smallest municipality of the country, this project is very important. It is also the only land accessible for development that is mentioned in in the new PGC, thus constructible.
The objective is to attract young families. We are greatly lacking one-family housing.”

Other subdivision projects have been passed. On the former Elisabeth congregation, 7 single-family houses and 25 apartments spread over 3 residences are planned.

Rue de l’Hospice, 10 one-family houses will come to life. And a sub-division on the Montée St. Urban consisting of 15 mixed properties: single family homes and apartments.

Once the capital of boatmen, still renowned for its wine (the seat of the Wine Institute and the National Brand of Wines is in Remich) the pearl of the Moselle is undoubtedly more than a simple tourist showcase for the Grand Duchy: for whoever wants to live in a city filled with history which conjugates the present with dynamism, in an environmental setting of exception.