Route d’Esch: a fundamental renewal

A boost for the Hollerich and Gasperich districts

The "Route d’Esch" road is located between the Luxembourg-Hollerich and the Luxembourg-Gasperich districts. 1346 metres long, it represents one of the future faces of the capital. Numerous construction projects are underway, and will bring modernity and life to this boulevard périphérique [‘ring road’]. 

The route d’Esch is located a stone’s throw away from 5 of the 24 districts of the Ville de Luxembourg, situated to the south of the capital: Belair, Hollerich, Gasperich, Ville Haute, Gasperich and Cessange.
These districts are about to enter a new era. A large number of old buildings that lined the “route d’Esch” have been and will be demolished to make way for new, modern architecture constructions, including both residential and commercial premises.

The "Route d'Esch" : a strategic location


This long boulevard périphérique in the Capital represents a key axis linking the Centre-Ville with the Cloche d’Or Zone d’Activité [business zone], the Ban de Gasperich and the "Am Bann" business zone in Leudelange. Living there also includes the benefit of proximity with the Hollerich station, 600 metres away, Luxembourg station 1 kilometre away, Cents-Hamm and Dommeldange stations 3 km away and the Aldringen – Hamilius centre 1 km away. But this long, 1.346 km boulevard périphérique around the Ville de Luxembourg between the Strassen interchange and the Croix de Gasperich, is about to be experience a revival, and is very near to the future Gasperich district. In fact, “it is in this region in the south-east of the capital that many, mainly tertiary sector business zones are developing: the Cloche d’Or, the hypermarché Auchan with its gallery of over 130 shops, a raft of restaurants, bars, and various other services that will complete the range of amenities available in the commercial centre”, explains Bert Burelbach, manager of the Ville de Luxembourg Planning Department. The development plan for the district is very impressive: including businesses and shops, high quality residential accommodation and new infrastructures such as the Lycée Vauban.

Construction projects on the Hollerich side

This new high quality environment provides for the arrival of thousands of people between now and 2025, who will live, work, and study in the district. It goes without saying therefore, that the building projects are growing in number. “Building permits for buildings along the route d’Esch mean that 330 residences can be built”. While just a few months ago there were a number of abandoned houses along the route d’Esch, the situation has changed now. In fact numerous building projects have started. “At 141, Thomas Piron intends to build a new residence just a short way from 147, where a new project should start to emerge, by Future Promotion S.a., which is already responsible for 155 where the Helios residence is under construction”. Located in Luxembourg Cessange, on the corner of the rue de la Déportation, the residence consists of a total of 2 businesses on the ground floor, 8 apartments and 1 penthouse. “Further along, at 169-171, on the corner of Rue de Gasperich, the Trianon residence, created by the company Triangulo S.a., will have 63 apartments and 3 businesses”. The first phase on the market relates to 39 apartments ranging from 54 to 134 m² and 3 commercial premises (from 75 to 103 m²), to be delivered in September, and the second phase on the market concerns 39 apartments ranging from 63 to 146 m², delivered in February 2017.

Construction projects on the Gasperich side

Going along the route d’Esch, due south towards Gasperich, the spectacle is taking shape. Opposite Delaize, the EAN residence, managed by Tracol, on which work will begin in September, on the corner of rue Henri Pensis, will consist of a commercial ground floor as well as 22 apartments. Where there has been some demolition of one part, which ran from the agence Roger Grober to the rue d’Ethe, the Piz Nair residence by Eliot Promotion is starting to appear at number 204, which will consist of 66 apartments, of which 31 will be studios with a surface area ranging from 30 to 40 m2, 29 1 to 2 bedroom apartments, from 2 bedrooms or more, ranging from 60 m2 to 80 m2, with terraces or balconies and 6 penthouses of 1 to 3 bedrooms with terraces or balconies offering a surface area of between 43 m2 and 117 m2. There will also be a number of garden level units, with the benefit of a private garden, as well as offices and four commercial premises, to be completed in the second half of 2017. At 243, the company Félix Giorgetti plans to build the MILA residence, in the immediate vicinity of the Cloche d’Or business centre: in total 43 apartments (between 49 m2 and 123 m2) ranging from 1 to 3 bedrooms, with balconies, and a number of offices, to be completed in the same year. At 262-270, the company has started work on the MORGAN residence, located a stone’s throw from the Cloche d’Or Zone d’Activité [business zone]: in total 28 apartments (between 47 m2 and 138 m2) on the upper floors, and offices on the first and second floors, as well as commercial areas on the ground floor, available in 2017.

And after that ?

With the construction of the Ban de Gasperich, the residents will have the benefit of new infrastructures: “the Howald station from 2017. A multimodal hub will be constructed in 2019 for a connection with the tram line, which will be operational in 2021. From 2018, the new commercial centre will open, where Auchan will be established, and a large number of shops configured on three levels”. And this is not including the francophone campus of the Lycée Vauban, which will open its doors for the academic year 2017/2018. From the natural perspective, the citizens of Luxembourg will be able to enjoy the planned 20 hectare country park by the end of 2017.