Strassen : The quality of living of an extra-urban town


The quality of living of an extra-urban town

An enhanced quality of life, just a few kilometres from the Capital

 The outlying communes on the boundaries of Luxembourg-Ville have the wind in their sails. People want to live there in order to achieve an enhanced quality of life. Amongst these communes, Strassen stands out, given the diversity of what it can offer. In 2016, there were 10 building projects underway. Currently the Thermes residences are very highly sought after.

 Strassen has the benefit of an ideal location, at the crossroads of the major road networks, and only 5 km from the centre of the Capital, with which to attract new residents.  ”When a property development project comes onto the market, sales are made very quickly“, says Yves Gaspard, Development Director for the agency Thomas & Piron. This extra-urban residential area is highly sought-after. And for good reason. The commune of Strassen offers all the services, in terms of shops, medicine, mobility, education and leisure activities.

 Strassen is capable of adapting as it grows, by deploying its infrastructures…

In the domain of leisure activities, the centre Les Thermes, built with Bertrange, is very popular. This aquatic centre has 1000 users a day, of which 300 are for the sauna. For the youngest members of the population, the commune has created nearly 70 play areas.As for sports, Strassen is amongst the best teams in the country, in volleyball, football, shooting or in karate. The shooting hall is the largest in Europe, at 75 metres long, and Guillaume Tel is the only club in Luxembourg to send its sportsmen and women to the Olympic Games. The commune, in partnership with the Ministry for Sports and the Fédération Luxembourgeoise des Arts Martiaux [Luxembourg Martial Arts Federation] is also in the process of building the future Centre National du Karaté [National Karate Centre] which will bring together all the martial arts under one roof. Regarding the provision of cultural activities, Strassen now has the new Paul Barblé centre, located in the heart of Strassen, and incorporating the former maison Barblé.

Regarding education, the commune places the emphasis on the state maintained type of school, to enable all students with a mother tongue other than Luxembourgish to flourish. And the management infrastructures follow the academic infrastructures, enabling all students to attend the ‘relay houses’ [maisons-relais].

 A price of 7000 euros per m2 that is justified …

“The proximity to the Ville de Luxembourg, the quality of life offered to future purchasers, in a green setting, a calm environment, and the range of services available, all justify the bid price”, states Yves Gaspard of the Thomas & Piron agency, which has already created over 270 residences in Strassen. To this is added the constant pressure that everyone is experiencing on property prices: Strassen has not been spared this, but property sells quickly.

The new project, Les Thermes,Rue du cimetière, consists of 4 buildings offering a large group of apartments, working spaces and services, 100 metres from the Les Thermes aquatic centre and 5 km from the centre of Luxembourg Ville. “The Commune has asked us to incorporate the project with the spa centre in order to create a plot for shops and business on the ground floor of the buildings, and as part of an extension to the entrance to the swimming pool”. This future space will enable some life to be instilled in the site. “This is effectively a small district in itself”. The mixed nature of the site combines local shops, restaurants, services and accommodation “with 2000 m2 of shops and businesses, a future school and 4 additional individual family homes”. A location worth its weight in gold. “+/-€640,000 incl. VAT at 3%, for an 80 m2 apartment, with 2 bedrooms, and two parking spaces”.

Les Thermes is a project that is divided into 2 construction phases, where each residence is designed in order to meet the needs of the well-being of its occupants while lavishing particular care in the choice of materials and in the quality finishings. “The first phase of commercialisation has begun for the first three residences with a common basement (cellar and car park), in other words the sale of 64 apartments and studios, and 8 shop/office/hotel-restaurant premises. And the second phase will begin in 2018 for the other two buildings, (amount to the same amount of plots again) and the 4 houses”.

The special feature of Strassen: the number of foreign inhabitants

Between 2000 and 2017, the number of residents increased significantly, from 6054 to 8612 people. Stassen is one of the most sought-after towns for the non-Luxembourgish population. In 2016, the commune had nearly 39% Luxembourgers 14% French nationals, 7.5% Portuguese, 6% Italians, 5.7% Belgians, and almost the same percentage of Germans, Britons and Spaniards. The remainder being accounted for by the other nationalities. Social cohesion, residential mobility and integration all feature among the main missions of the political plan at all levels, irrespective of age, gender and nationality.

Emilie Di Vincenzo