The kitchen, the main room of the house

Following fashion may be a nice idea but it is better to ensure that your kitchen matches up to your expectations, needs and personality.

The room to live in

Over the past ten years, the new emphasis of the kitchen as a place for living has been noted. The cook is no longer consigned to working there unseen, but one can now watch them going about their culinary arts. This room has become a place for sharing and conviviality. It is now a place that we show off and that we are proud of. Today the kitchen, sitting room and dining room are often one single room for living and the kitchen thus becomes a central location where we go to cook, but not only for that purpose.
We see it as open, spacious, ergonomic, comfortable, multi-use and BEAUTIFUL. For some people, cooking represents a daily challenge, and this essential and vital activity can take place in a well-designed space, which will at least make it more agreeable.

Multiple choices

Reputed architects and designers are looking at the design and creation of kitchens every day with a fresh eye, because this room forms part of a new philosophy of modern living in which men and women want to have a room that is representative of their lifestyle and which suits them best. A multiplication of modes of living is matched by a multitude of styles, materials, and colour ranges that can be found on the market. This living space should be develped, its forms, volumes, surfaces and colours worked on, to achieve perfect harmony, and an ideal balance.

How is this done?

The project should not be designed quickly but carefully reflected on and well-designed. The essential is to find a professional who will listen to you, understand you and who will be capable of guiding you in your choices in relation to your expectations. 
You will need to be seduced by the initial sketches so that you can envisage and project yourself within your future room. The object is to be immediately enthused, because if the project leaves you indifferent, you will need to start again until it clicks with you. A good kitchen specialist should have an overall consideration for the space represented by the room in order to be able to specify what its ideal configuration could be. It should be noted that the most functional kitchen will be the one that matches your day to day living habits. In any case, ensure that the hob, oven, sink, and refrigerator are located as close as possible to each other to facilitate and reduce your need to move around (this is the activity triangle).


The word of the day for designers is the optimisation of the available space in the room, but the same applies in storage. No longer the wasted spaces due to gaps between modules, with saucepan storage drawers, pull-out cabinets, and other practical ideas such as corner units with rotating shelves or fully removable trays, for example. People like the fine materials and imposing worktops in granite or in Corian®.
The fashion is always to create a central island central on which are generally located the sink and cooking hob around which there will be sufficient space for preparation of the elegant little dishes. But for this one needs space, and not everyone has this luxury.
The kitchen is meant to be functional and comfortable. So we can find fantastically equipped cooking tops, new multi-functional ovens or steam, or low temperature ovens, and extractor hoods that are as efficient as they are magnificent...

What style should be adopted?

Because you are unique, your kitchen should have a soul and have an affinity with you, and if possible reflect your personality. It can be classical, fashionable or high tech, but it needs to be in keeping with you.
One can see that styles are infinitely varied but manufacturers are now once again offering kitchens made from solid wood. And this is a good thing because it brings a warmth to the overall effect.
But there are also still the lacquered finish units where one can enjoy the mix of two contrasting tones to highlight certain surfaces or just to create an effect of symmetry.


Allow yourself to be guided but not to be influenced. Some kitchen specialists will advise you against the seventies orange or Ferrari red and will tell you that you might tire of these things. Not so! These kinds of colours, when combined properly, can deliver magnificent results. And if you prefer more universal colours, some colour is still needed on the walls, in the decorative objects, the kitchen towels, and kitchen utensils... But the decision is yours.