Your guide to useful apps in Luxembourg

Which mobile apps should you download for health, food, shopping, leisure and transport

By Jenny Biver

There are smartphone solutions for “app-solutely” anything nowadays, but manoeuvring the digital app jungle can be exhausting. We have done the legwork for you and rounded up the most useful ones that are worth the download.

On the road

The journey planner enables you to easily check public transport departure times and plan your trip door to door. Available 24/7, Luxembourg City’s self-service bike rental system Velóh allows you to borrow a bike at one location and re-deposit it at another. If taxis are your preferred mode of transportation, WebTaxi facilitates booking a taxi through your smartphone. Flex Carsharing offers the flexibility of renting a car for a short period of time, with multiple stations mostly connected to the public transport network. With carpooling app you can easily find or share trips with people going in the same direction as you.

The Automobile Club Luxembourg (ACL) provides fast and efficient information and assistance through their app, and Luxembourg’s national train operator CFL makes buying tickets and getting information through their app painless. Aiming at strengthening both the feeling of security and communication with citizens, has launched an app to provide practical information and create a more accessible platform for interaction. Although the latter provides some information on radars in Luxembourg, Luxspeed keeps you up to date on what is happening on the roads of Luxembourg.

Exploring Luxembourg 

To help you make the most out of your free time, there are a number of smart pocket guides that fill you in on what is happening when and where in the Grand Duchy. The cityapp – VDL provides information about what the city has to offer as well as lists of events based on your preferences. The LuxembourgCard is a digital city pass card that enables you to visit museums and tourist attractions at reduced prices, and the Luxembourg City Travel Guide is your digital tourist guide with different itineraries. It works offline too. 

With What’s up! Luxembourg you can discover anything from secret spots around Luxembourg to public restrooms, recycling centres or gas stations. In the wake of Covid, the Vakanz Doheem campaign was created to promote staycations. An app was launched to show beautiful places around the country and to let users explore Luxembourg through 360° views.


And while you’re out exploring beautiful Luxembourg, you might want to send a postcard to your loved ones back home. Smart PostCard by POST lets you transform your smartphone pictures into actual postcards and have them sent to any country in the world.

Learning Luxembourgish

When it comes to learning the local language, you won’t find many countries quite like Luxembourg. It’s not uncommon to have a conversation in multiple languages, and some might say you’re better off learning French or German, rather than Luxembourgish. Nevertheless, learning the local lingo will earn you extra points with Luxembourgers, and if you’re looking to get beyond Moien, Äddi and Merci, you might want to consider an app.

Created by a Luxembourgish teacher, Aurelux provides you with interactive content to learn Luxembourgish in a playful manner with local literary figure Renert the fox. Wiederbuch helps with translations from Luxembourgish to French, English, German and Portuguese, available offline too. Battaklang has fun exercises in store, promising to help you learn 1000 Luxembourgish words, and with Luxquiz you can challenge yourself with crosswords in Luxembourgish. Languages of Luxembourg 7 allows users to simultaneously study 7 languages that are frequently spoken in the country (Luxembourgish, French, German, Portuguese, English, Arabic and Persian).

Track your health

Keeping track of our health has become a number one priority, courtesy of Covid. The Luxembourg Ministry of Health launched in order to facilitate citizens’ access to information. With Doctena you can quickly find and book appointments with doctors, dentists or practitioners. Many of us have got to know myLabquickly and efficiently providing us with our Covid test results.

Shopping & Food 

The demand for shopping, ordering take-out and buying groceries from the comfort of your home has never been higher. Fortunately, there are a number of apps in Luxembourg that will save you time and effort.

Luxcaddy is an online supermarket with free delivery throughout the country. Food delivery services like and let users enter their postal code to see from which restaurants in their area they can order meals to be delivered. 

F4A, or Food for All, connects users with local stores that have products close to their expiry date. You can consciously buy these for a reduced price and have a positive impact on our planet. VinsLux is the app for wine lovers, dedicated to the wines and sparkling wines produced along the 42km long wine road on the banks of the Luxembourgish Moselle.


No big deal is a health rewards app that offers free or discounted offers from various stores in return for completing challenges such as reaching a daily step count, running a certain distance, or reducing your screen time.

Financial services

Most banks, such as BCEEBILPOST or BNP Paribas, offer mobile banking services as well as Digicash, an easy way to transfer money with your smartphone. With LuxTrust mobile you can safely carry out online operations without the use of an additional hardware.


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