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Brexit: Immopartner is looking for Real Estate buyers from the UK.
Lucien Douwes of Immopartner Luxembourg Shares Insights on Luxembourgs Tax Regulations and Impact on Foreign Real Estate Buyers At International Real Estate Symposium. Lucien Douwes, of Immopartner Luxembourg, headquartered in Troisvierges, was a featured speaker today at the 12th Annual International Symposium of Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate held in London.Speaking on the topic of Luxembourgs Tax Regulations and their influence on real estate transactions, Douwes also spoke about the international economic perspective for Luxembourg. "The world is facing significant challenges, economically, politically and socially.Luxembourg can rely on its financial stability and triple A rating to face challenges looming on the horizon.The country has navigated the storm and performed well troughout the global financial crisi, with a five year average growth of 2,5 %, compared with 0,6 % for the euro area" after that Douwes spoke about the expectations and outlook for investors ...
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Taxing real estate gains: take advantage of reductions until December 31ST 2018
On December 31, 2018, the legal disposition voted in June 2016 establishing lighter taxing of real estate gains will come to an end for the sale of a building other than one’s principal habitation. In other words, the proprietors have no time to lose to benefit of this aid.  July 14, 2016, the project of the law n° 6983 was voted by the Chamber of Deputies. It aims to establish a favourable tax climate for the sale of building plots and housing to increase supply and boost the real estate market. Bill n° 6983 provides advantageous temporary measures that are to be applied from July 1, 2016 to December 31, 2018. Real estate gains earned on built and non-built properties that are part of the private heritage of tax-payers are then imposed at a rate corresponding to a fourth of the global rate. Remember that up until now the plan provided for an income tax referred to in article 99 ter of the TIR at a rate corresponding to half of ...
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Digital tools that boost sales of real estate
Virtual visit and augmented reality Digital tools that boost sales of real estate Having an Internet site where candidates for the purchase of a property can find the description and a few photographs of a house or apartment is now the minimum for real estate agencies. To boost their turnover, new digital technologies complete the range of tools available to professionals: the virtual visit and augmented reality offer a potential to exploit without delay. Explanations. The digital revolution has not spared the real estate sector, and so much the better! Professionals can now focus on new features to provide to potential purchasers with performing services, thus completing classic Internet sites in a relevant way (with photos and descriptions of goods). As long as the conditions of their use are well-managed and do not drown clients in a deluge of images, the virtual visit and augmented reality constitute an improvement (because too much information k ...
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The City of Luxembourg and access to property
Loosen up a real estate market which implies a constant inflation of prices, encourage social diversity and genuine solidarity between neighbours…many good reasons that encourage the elected representatives of the capital of the Grand Duchy to multiply initiatives boosting access to property. A voluntary position which mobilizes partners.    While the population of the City of Luxembourg has expanded for more than 40 % since the beginning of this century, (growing from 80 670 inhabitants in 2000 to more than 115 000 in 2017) the authorities of the capital have decided to adhere to this particularly proactive policy. It is true that the capital of the Grand Duchy does not lack assets and indeed attracts more and more ‘candidates’ wanting to enjoy its high quality of life. While remaining a municipality of human scale, Luxembourg City is an example of dynamism, cleanliness and security. Luxembourg City is an inte ...
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Junglinster : A blooming city in which to build one's future.
With more than 7650 inhabitants including half in the town’s centre of the same name, Junglinster is a locality that conjugates service and quality of life in well-preserved setting less than twenty kilometres from the capital of the Grand-Duchy; Attractive assets that explain its dynamism. Composed of a dozen villages, (Altlinster, Blumenthal, Beidweiler, Bourglinster, Eisenborn, Eschweiler, Godbrange, Gonderange, Graulinster, Imbringen, Junglinster, Rodenbourg), Junglinster has undergone remarkable demographic growth. The commune had less than one thousand inhabitants in 1950! But in the last decades, their number has soared.  In 1980, the population exceeds 2500, at the turn of the century in 2000 there were more than 5000 inhabitants, and for 2017 the census count is 7650. “That represents 150 to 200 newcomers per year” explains Romain Retz, the mayor of Junglinster. 83 nationalities are represented ...
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