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Capellen, a small countryside locality that has everything of a big town.

On 10/01/2018
At a quarter of an hour from the centre of the capital of the Grand Duchy, Capellen conjugates a preserved environment (two thirds of its territory are either cultivated or forest land) with an offer of services (zone of activity, leisure and teaching facilities) worthy of a major city. A dynamic situation that has everything necessary to seduce you…

It is no coincidence that the site is popular with individuals or promoters…Capellen, section of the Commune of Mamer (9500 inhabitants) is in a perfect geographical location: 15 kilometres west and 15 minutes from the centre of Luxembourg -City by route, and about 20km from Arlon in Belgium…

But the thriving village conserves its assets in terms of environment (for 3 km of land, two thirds are still devolved to farmland and forests) while offering the services and equipment that can be legitimately expected of a major city in the 21st century!

Therefore, it would be no wonder that you be quickly seduced by Capellen and soon come to increase its still small-town population (1800 habitants)!

Schools and sports on the front line

Situated on the autoroute axis Brussels-Luxembourg and the regional railway line connecting the Grand Duchy to Arlon, in matters of transportation, Capellen assures good accessibility and now offers families a veritable “campus” for early education and the cycle 2-4. Mamer’s nearby secondary school (only a few kilometres away) assures the continuity of the curriculum.

The school has a day-care centre where professional executives provide childcare proposing extracurricular and recreational activities after class, as well as meals.

Concerning sports, in Capellen itself, a tennis complex (inside courts on hard ground and outside courts on clay) is available to both apprentice and confirmed players. The Centre also has a club-house with a restaurant and outside, football fields and basketball courts…

For other disciplines, at Mamer, two multisport halls, a swimming pool and playgrounds are also available to inhabitants of Capellen!

Like the whole commune, Capellen is punctuated with bicycle paths. For young people, the Caper Piwischen Chalet offers a myriad of nature, social, and cultural activities to Scouts.

Culture and commerce in all directions

Famous for its International Museum of Gendarmerie Uniforms, Capellen on a daily basis also has a renowned art gallery and nearby at Mamer, a cultural centre where shows and concerts attract an audience that appreciates a wide variety of programs, a music school and art workshops available to the young public as well as to adults. 

Veritable small city in the countryside, Capellen has an activities area whose attractiveness no longer has to be proven. IT service companies, banks, but also small and large shopping centres-a non-exhaustive list- guarantee an enviable range of services to inhabitants!

152 housing units planned in Capellen

At Capellen, the Zolwerfeld project will include 60 housing units spread out on 5 residences currently under construction. “The permission to build has just been granted” says Mayor Gilles Roth. The Zolwerfeld II Subdivision provides 84 units, including 8 residences. “The project which has just been submitted to the Communal Council has received preliminary approval and will therefore be studied in court in order to obtain the PAP. 
We hope to start construction before the end of the year”. Of the 152 units developed by private promoters, at least 16 homes will be reserved for moderate-cost housing.” The possibilities of development being compromised by OTAN since 1968 on the territory of Capellen, we count only these two projects. This being said, we notice a new tendency along the road to Arlon: some single-family homes have been razed to the benefit of multiple residence zones. These large properties classed in residential zone I, benefit to very large grounds. Therefore, construction is possible”

There is no longer a need to hesitate. For those who dream of a “village” lifestyle in a preserved environment in a commune with all the advantages of a big city, Capellen has imposed itself on the top of the list of privileged Luxembourgish localities…
From : Emilie Di Vincenzo

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